What Is Ipe Wood Made Of?


What is Ipe wood? It is very popular in the manufacturing industry. The primary question that should be asked, therefore, is: What makes Ipe wood unique and different from any other type of wood?

As to what makes Ipe so special, the answer is relatively simple. What is unique about Ipe is its origin. It is one of the few woods from South America that are entirely indigenous. Buy Ipe Direct is not a lumber produced by cutting down trees on plantations or illegally in the forests of the Amazon jungle. What makes Ipe such a popular choice is because it is far more environment friendly than any other kind of lumber in existence.

Carpeenter Sawdust And Decking Pieces After Ipe Wood Deck Work ...

If you ask anyone who has a small business that deals with woodworking, “What is Ipe?” they will answer, without hesitation, “Ipe wood.” What’s even more fascinating is the fact that most people believe this to be incorrect. Even though their knowledge of the history of Ipe wood is correct, it is still a fact that people tend to confuse it with Brazil, when, in fact, there is only one place in the world where Ipe wood is grown.

Brazilian Ipe is found only in the remote forests of the Amazon jungle. Only once each year do Brazilians log these trees because the Brazilian government requires farmers to cut down at least three hectares of forest trees in order to plant new crops. This is the only place on earth where the Ipe tree grows wild and unprotected.

So why do we need to know what is Ipe wood made of? After all, it’s right there in Brazil! Not long ago, a few of my friends and I were standing in front of a large open window overlooking the rainforest.

I was taking some pictures when my friend suddenly exclaimed, “Ipe wood! The only Ipe wood!” We then looked into the window, and indeed, a very long, very black piece of wood appeared sitting on the window sill. While we were taking the picture, another friend asked, “What is Ipe wood made of?”

Of course, the answer to that question is not as easy as the first question was. While Ipe wood can be made of different kinds of wood, it is an extremely unique wood because of its origins. Any time you ask the question, “What is Ipe wood made of?”

The only way to answer the question is to find out what Ipe is. When a woodworker asks, “What is Ipe wood made of?” the answer to his or her question is: “The only Ipe wood made of is in the rainforest of Brazil!” The next time you ask someone what is Ipe wood made of, remember that you just may have made a very wise decision.