LOL Surprise Dolls – Unboxing LOL Surprise Lights Glitter Drip Drop

It is human nature to want to collect something. Some do it uncontrollably while others are so particular that their doll collection may include only one or two prized possession. No matter which category you fall into, the first rule that must be established is ‘a place for the keepsakes’. Allowing space for the doll collection is imperative, whether the collector is focusing on paper dolls or Lee Middleton dolls. Planning ahead will alleviate certain stresses concerning the storage or display of the collection.

Another concern for many is ‘which dolls to collect?’. There are many choices when considering doll collecting. A personal favorite is beginning with the heart. Unless this endeavor is based strictly on the reselling of what is acquired, going with your heart will not allow for any errors. Follow your heart when it comes to the decisions concerning your collection, whether you are drawn to antiques, Silkstone, Bleuette, Trolls and/or Cabbage Patch, your decision cannot be wrong.

Collecting has become such a fun past time for many that you are never alone. Join a club or start your own. The information shared among collectors is invaluable. You will meet folks with a ton of knowledge just begging to share with you or you may find somebody that needs your mentoring. You may also have opportunities to view or even purchase dolls that would be unavailable otherwise.

LOL Surprise Dolls – Unboxing LOL Surprise Lights Glitter Drip Drop

Do not restrict where you collect. Many will only purchase from online or from estate sales. These are not poor choices but do limit your exposure to new types of dolls. Visit doll shows, doll shops, boutiques, doll conventions and even thrift stores. Many people are unaware of the value or quality when donating their ‘Aunt Jenny’s’ Chatty Cathy doll, which translates into a terrific surprise at a bargain price for the smart doll collector.

One last suggestion is to not be too influenced by the Price Guides. Guides are exactly as they sound, general indicators of market value. Condition, availability and even marketing controversy can dictate expected price ranges. Buyer beware should always be your motto; under priced dolls may hold unexpected surprises of hidden flaws whereas overly priced dolls may indicate a greedy seller. Remember that knowledge is always king and very few regrets are associated with acting with your heart.