Mobile Coupon System

Every digital coupon counts.

One of the many advantages of digital coupon is that its success could be measured. Youknow exactly how many are issued and how many are redempted. You know whichproduct is sold better and which type of coupon is more popular. All great businessmenrely on figures to adjust their strategy. Why? Because the figures never lie.

But where can you find such accurate figures if you use other marketing tools? You mayspend thousands of dollars to put a commercial on TV. They tell you that many peoplewatch their programmes, but you never know how many of them pay any attention toyour advertisment, not to say any of them may be attracted to buy your products. Youmay put a video on Youtube, and keep track of the views number. But this views numberhas nothing to do with your sales figure, and you never know if any of them would buyany of your goods after watching. You may share your products in facebook or other socialmedia and keep track of the likes figures. And again this should not be the figure you careabout.

From now on, try digital coupons. You will know how many, and when, and where, andeven who buy which products of yours at exactly how much price by using which digitalcoupons. All these big data could be generated into various reports for your futurebusiness planning. Of course not all digital coupons are as that powerful. If you are readyto try, please try the Mobile Coupon System.

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Mezzofy Merchant is an app allowing you to create, issue, redeem and measure yourdigital coupons the way you like. It’s powerful, and free of charge for its trial edition forthe time being. Just download Mezzofy Merchant from Google Play or App Store andcreate your digital coupons now. After using the trial edition, you may measure itseffectiveness by its own tools provided to you. If you find it good to your business, youcould consider to subscribe its formal edition at a very attractive price.

Just try. If you have to try, try something that give you figures to show whether it worksor not. That’s what a great businessman would do.