Concerned about finances as a first time home buyer in CA



Concerned about finances as a first time home buyer in CA? Look no further, here’s what you need to understand.

– Buying your first home is a unique time, if you have resolved to settle down, purchase a dog, and do the crossword every evening or are just looking for some fresh energy it’s all in an exciting encounter.
– In California alone last year over 437,600 homes were sold, are you prepared to add an excess digit to this scarily large statistic? If so, we specialize in California first time home buyer programs including deposit assistance and so much more.
– Thus, strap in tight and hold on for the ride — here’s everything you want to know about being a CA first time home buyer.

Leasing vs. buying

– While purchasing a house will need a down payment, renting usually requires a deposit together with other maintenance and accessibility charges. As a first home buyer in CA, purchasing or perhaps deciding to lease your very first house can be a difficult experience.
– It is not easy choosing where to live, especially when investing huge amounts of money in the shape of a deposit alongside a loan or mortgage to pay off the house for the following years. That’s why we’re here.
– Our staff in the home loan division specializes in down payment assistance while at the same time providing you with favored realtor for first-time buyers and even renters in the California area. First, however, let’s clear up exactly what we mean with a deposit.

What is a down payment?

Before we enter the main chunk of what we do and how we can do it, let us first clear up what we mean by a deposit.

Definition of a Down Payment – A deposit is a payment that’s made upfront to get an expensive product or service like a car or home. The down payment generated represents a proportion of the full cost — putting in to place the remaining finances.

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( This can be done using a licensed Realtor In California )

But, although this is rare it is definitely something to be careful of: in certain instances when deals fall through as a result of buyer this down payment could be lost — much more reason to decide on a team of professionals to find the work done and to get this job done right.

That is where we are in at Team Whigham.
First Time Home Buyer In California – Down Payment Assistance In California

Team Whigham

– As a first-time buyer in CA or even seasonal purchaser, our job is to support you through the whole process of purchasing a new residence. This includes down payment assistance, the use of our poll (we will get to this in another ), and the utmost support from our team of real estate agents.
– What if we told you we had a one-stop alternative for CA first time house buyers? Our California first home buyer programs are designed to carry you through the whole process — by figuring out your down payment, getting a loan to cover your deposit, and calculating your overall mortgage. Right.
– First, let us take a look at that survey.

Down Payment Assist In California Survey

– Available on our Down Payment Assist In CA site, our survey will take you through a variety of different questions such as your max down payment, home price, your projected credit score, and your home location (alongside a few others!) .
– This poll is intended to give you and us an notion of your current financial situation when it comes to being a first time home buyer in CA. Filling out the survey will permit you to figure out your budget when it comes to buying your very first home, while also letting you evaluate your current financial situation.
– To get our Down Payment Assistance in CA survey, please see here.
– Once you’ve filled out the questionnaire you will receive the lowest down payment possible — helping your brain rest at ease.
– From here, we are able to set you up with a California first time home buyer program — if that is something you are considering? This program permits you to select a loan program, repayment terms, rate of interest, and monthly mortgage payment to best suit you and your loved ones.
– If you do not have a realtor we can also provide that also. Our team of professional realtors are readily available to take you through the whole process, all of the way up into the exciting day of stepping foot in your new home.
– Once you’ve selected the home buyer program for you, you just submit an application, which will be reviewed for approval. Simple as that.

Down Payment Assistance In California -Home Purchase Calculator

– But as well as our fantastic survey instrument we also carry a purchase and refinance calculator which can be found on our website.
– You can access it by clicking here.
– This calculator allows you to enter your house price, length, interest rate (that we supply ), and finally your deposit which you will have just figured out through utilizing our survey instrument.
– Using this calculator will provide you with a demanding mortgage estimate, letting you see whether or not this is the ideal alternative for you and much more importantly if you are ready to become a first-time purchaser in CA.

Down Payment Assist In California


– CA first time house buyer? No problem! We offer California first time home buyer programs to fit your requirements, from our online calculator and survey to California down payment assistance we’ll guide you through the entire process of purchasing your very personal and original house.
– If you want to contact Jason and the staff you are able to complete our Down Payment Assistance application here and after you employ Jason Whigham will return to you. Alternatively, you can email at, ring right now direct at -LRB-800-RRB- 807-5022 or find other contact methods on our website.
– Thus, whether you are in need of California down payment assistance or are just searching for advice on buying your first house we’re here to help you every step along the way.
– MY-Down Payment Assistance looks forward to hopefully seeing you soon!

– My-Down Payment Assistance experts would advise and guide you through the best home buyer’s loan to obtain.
– Down Payment Assistance in California – First Time Home Buyer Programs California 2020 is bridging the gap into homeownership in California.
– How Can I Get in touch with My-Down Payment Support
– If you want to reach out to My-Down Payment Assistance to go over available choices for you. Use the contact below.



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– CalHFA MyHome Assistance Program — Conventional

– Golden State Finance Authority (GSFA) Platinum Down Payment Assistance Program
– NeighborhoodLIFT Program — Sacramento — FHA

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