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CP Mortensen sælger kvalitets el scooter, der er fremstillet af de bedste materialer. En el scooter fra Cp Mortensen er driftssikre og kan klare at køre både om sommeren og vinteren. Vores to brand Smart-EL og GO-EL er begge udviklet og designet i Danmark, og Cp mortensen står indefor den gode kvalitet. Når mange vælger at investere i en af vores modeller opleve de selvstændighed og klare hverdagens gøremål. De kan komme ud i det blå og samtidig bevare sin mobilitet.

En el scooter kan bruges til både små og længere ture, uden at den går i stå på halvvejen. Vores modeller har et tydeligt display, hvor man kan se speedometeret, antal kørte kilometer samt den strøm der er tilbage i batteriet. En el-scooter er nem at betjene det eneste man skal gøre er, at bevæge gashåndtaget mod sig selv, hvorefter el scooteren begynder at køre fremad. En el-scooter passer til alle, der leder efter et nemt køretøj og har brug for ekstra hjælp i hverdagen.

El Scootere

Ten Excellent Ideas For Getting Tires

one. Guantee that you truly have to have new tires. Accomplish a fast visible inspection. For those who see excessive tread dress in, cracked sidewalls, or any discoloration or bulging, it can be in all probability time for a new established.

If your tires tend to be more than a decade previous, think about changing them regardless of whether they appear Ok — rubber deteriorates with publicity to oxygen.

2. Be certain that your car is in good condition. Examine your tires for indications of uneven have on, which might show alignment or suspension difficulties. Check คุณภาพยางโอตานิ for indications like additional don over the within or outside of the tire vs. an even put on sample over the full width on the tread.

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When you place a whole new set of tires over a misaligned car, or just one with bad shocks, you are throwing income away. The brand new tires will put on swiftly and erratically, and you’ll want yet another set within a hurry.

Most tire centers will examine your recent established of tires, and give you an assessment within your car’s issue before you decide to purchase. For those who have a dependable mechanic, deliver your car in for an inspection just before heading out to the tire center — an neutral viewpoint from an expert who isn’t really striving to provide you a little something is usually attractive.

three. Look at your house owners manual and knowledge placard. The producer of one’s automobile has produced a recommendation with regards to the dimensions and type of tires which function very best together with your motor vehicle, that information is found in the owner’s guide and about the information placard.

The information placard in your vehicle is necessary by law, and it is forever hooked up on your doorway edge, door post, glove compartment doorway or inside of your trunk lid. It may well have already been painted in excess of on some more mature automobiles, but it can be there.

If you don’t have an proprietors guide, most companies will market you a substitution in a sensible cost — talk to your seller, or look for within the manufacturer’s World-wide-web web page.

4. Decipher the tire code. Perhaps quite possibly the most perplexing section of tire acquiring is figuring out what these numbers within the sidewall of the tire indicate. They may be element of a straightforward standardized code that’s demanded by federal regulation so that you can explain tires, also to establish them in case of a recall.

It is possible to go through far more during the Countrywide Highway Targeted traffic Protection Administration’s on line brochure, but here is a quick primer:

Illustration of tire sidewall markings — P215/65R fifteen 95H M+S

� 1st up is really a letter or letters, indicating the tire’s function: “P” for passenger cars or “LT” for light vans are classified as the probably letters you’ll see.

� Next is a three-digit amount. This really is the tire’s width (in millimeters) from sidewall edge to sidewall edge.

� Then, a two-digit number and that is the tire’s part ratio, or the ratio of peak to width. The smaller sized the variety, the shorter the sidewall.

� Future, a letter, almost certainly “R,” which indicates radial design. Almost every tire you encounter are going to be a radial today, until you happen to be shopping for tires for the common car or truck.

� Then, an additional two-digit variety, which can be the diameter on the wheel which the tire is meant to suit.

� Future, an optional two- or three-digit quantity. This can be the tire’s load index variety, and its inclusion is just not essential by law. The load index selection corresponds with the tire’s load-carrying potential. A web page for low cost tires has posted a handy chart together with the load index numbers and loads. To put it simply, you should not install a tire which has a lower load index variety than your company recommends. AOL Autos: Tire purchasing classes

� Following, a letter. This is certainly the tire’s speed rating. Comply with your manufacturer’s advice. You must only have to have to enhance to a better speed score in case you have modified your car or truck for observe use, or should you be heading to Germany to travel on the Autobahn.

� Up coming, some additional letters, usually “M+S” or “M/S.” This means mud and snow, and relates to most radial tires marketed in the usa.

You can find additional figures and letters, nearly all of which you don’t really need to worry about unless your tires are subject into a remember. They seek advice from the tire’s location and day of manufacture, the utmost inflation pressure, greatest load rating, composition, components, tread dress in, traction and temperature grades.

Diving deeply into these ratings will produce a trove of information – almost all of which differs from company to manufacturer. Unless you are obsessive regarding your tires, you will likely be Alright trusting with your tire guy’s interpretation on the compact print.

A great tire centre can chat you thru these codes, and can know which tires really are a very good in shape for your car or truck. You’ll need to decide on between summertime, all-season or winter season tires, among prolonged tread lifestyle and much better dealing with.

Be sure to request a lot of inquiries, get solutions, and have your tire person point out the functions to the tires and the code that indicates the function to the sidewall.

five. Look at the wheels. One in the most widely used customization choices on cars these days is a new established of rims. If your existing wheels are worn or damaged, you might want to think about buying a new set once you substitute your tires.

There is certainly more than look to contemplate after you purchase wheels, nevertheless. Attempt to match dimension as closely as you can on the manufacturer’s originals. Though larger wheels may well glimpse terrific in your automobile, there is some sophisticated math to creating sure the tires and wheels match the car.

The bigger the wheel, the lessen the element ratio tire you can use. In order to make the car take care of and switch adequately, the skin diameter on the tire must stay the same as the initial tires as the wheel will get more substantial — meaning shorter sidewalls.

The sidewall is very critical to handling, and it truly is also really essential to consolation and sound. The shorter the sidewall, the much less it’s going to manage to flex in the event the motor vehicle turns — great for sporty handing — along with the significantly less it will be capable to absorb bumps and pavement irregularities. So an even bigger wheel could produce a harsher experience, as well as a squirrelly car or truck.

Moreover, the reality that custom wheels tend to be heavier than inventory kinds means they are able to negatively impression the suspension or fuel mileage.

Having said that, you continue to may possibly wish to set larger wheels on your journey. Carry out some really serious investigation before you decide to make that decision, and become thorough never to sacrifice way too significantly managing and protection for appearance. AOL Autos: Recommendations for cleansing tires and wheels

six. Obtain an entire, matching established. Even though you could possibly be tempted to chop corners, and just switch the tire/s that happen to be most worn, contemporary suspension technological know-how is intended to get the job done greatest having a matching set of tires. By changing all 4 simultaneously, you can retain your tires much better (more on that later), consider and fix suspension complications prior to they turn into significant, and reach the best degree of protection and predictable managing.

7. Check in your spare. That is an awesome time and energy to have your spare tire inspected, and changed if vital. If your vehicle uses a full-size spare and you’re replacing your tires using the same make, model and size, have your tire dude conserve the best utilised tire for your spare.

eight. Contemplate shopping for online or by catalog. You’ll be able to actually preserve some money over the preliminary invest in of your respective new tires by browsing on the internet. Some stores, like Tire Rack, even have relationships with regional unbiased tire facilities that can settle for cargo of the new tires and execute set up at a pre-negotiated fee.

Don’t forget about that your new tires will require to generally be mounted towards the rims, well balanced and put in on the car or truck. You’ll probably need to get the wheels aligned once you obtain your new tires set up, at the same time.

9. Split with your new tires thoroughly. There is a launch agent utilized for the duration of the manufacturing process, and it may possibly depart a residue on the treads of latest tires. There’s a chance that the tires can have considerably less grip than predicted right up until the residue wears off, primarily in moist conditions. Make it possible for about five hundred miles of break-in time before you decide to press your tires tough on cornering, and anticipate for a longer period than typical braking distances, only to be safe and sound.

10. Manage your new tires. Look for right inflation on the frequent basis. Maintaining your tires adequately inflated will improve your fuel mileage and may considerably enhance your tires’ longevity. AOL Autos: Fuel saving recommendations

You should get satisfactory life and use by maintaining appropriate air stress, and by retaining up a dependable rotation schedule. Rotate your tires each and every time you alter your oil — even if they do not show indications of have on.

Advantages of Applying Automobile Wreckers

Disposing of outdated vehicle elements and add-ons can be a difficult process that depends on modern technologies and expertise. Car or truck wreckers possess the heavy-duty resources and know-how to dismantle the broad selection of motor vehicles which have no future realistic reason. Lots of of the automobiles in these yards are outdated, not operable, severely injury, or deemed to generally be a total write-off by insurance corporations.

The process of breaking down an auto and making use of or recycling the sections is way extra favorable than applying a landfill web page. This not only offers an economic gain, but will also has the ability to offer environmental gains.

Listed here are quite a few positive aspects that relate to utilizing the solutions on the car or truck wreckers:

Will save you money

Nissan wreckers tauranga usually use a long list of legitimate car or truck pieces in inventory that can be acquired in a quite appealing rate. Buying second-hand sections from the garden has the opportunity to avoid wasting 50% to 90% of your store-bought costs. Before crushing your body with the car the reusable sections are eradicated together with the intention of marketing on down the road. So, for that auto restorers, gear-heads, or others arranging car routine maintenance, repairs, or an up grade, a primary cease to source the demanded auto areas or extras can include the vehicle wreckers.


Vehicle wreckers offer you the more eco-friendly remedy that can help eliminate an aged or neglected vehicle. Autos still left on barren land or landfill web-sites will eventually start to leak destructive chemical substances or pollutants to the floor or the ambiance. This will outcome in long-term destruction to your area soil or drinking water sources and allow it to be difficult for the very same floor being utilized for other purposes sooner or later.

Nearly 76% of all elements within an auto is usually reused in yet another auto or truck that’s appreciated for its capability to give long-term gains to the planet. Many in the salvaged elements within the wrecked car or truck are reused in the vehicle market. For example, rubber sourced from an outdated car is usually recycled and used in the manufacture of ground mats, gas pedals, and tires.

Earn a gain

For people organizing to have their previous autos eradicated by the vehicle wreckers it is attainable to receive money reward in return for a few of your metallic components inside the car. Soon after dismantling a car, the yards, trust in a high-powered magnet that has the ability to simply accumulate each and every final piece of scrap steel that’s resold to other organizations which have a useful need to have for it.

Furthermore to collecting the metallic sections, the car wreckers may drain the vehicle’s fluids like oil, coolant, and fuel, and that is marketed on to other functions or reused in the absolutely useful vehicle.

Purchase obsolete areas

With the pace in which auto technologies is progressing, it can be difficult to supply specific applications, parts, and components that happen to be considered being out of date. So, for all those seeking parts to suit the more mature auto model very long away from production, it can enable to receive in touch having a local motor vehicle wrecker enterprise to view should they hold the forms of elements and add-ons desired. Most of these expert services are possible to dismantle all would make and products of vehicle, so are more likely to possess a bigger inventory of previous stock when compared with the automobile shop.

In see in the reality that automobiles are one of essentially the most recycled products and solutions, there needs to be no lack of supplies have to have while in the process of finishing a potential up grade or renovation.