A beneficial Synopsis of the Guerlain Insolence Fragrance


Insolence is a brand fragrance by Guerlain, among the world’s largest perfume manufacturers. The brand new scent was initially introduced in the year 2006 and touted because the brand’s greatest creation in years. Created by Maurice Roucel, a well-known and prize-winning perfume designer, Insolence came with a lot of hype. So, will it live up to all of the buzz? For any helpful overview of Guerlain’s latest aroma, read on.

Price Point

Like almost all the Guerlain fragrances, Insolence has a standard $80 to $100 price tag for any 50 ml bottle. It’s comparable to the brand’s other aromas and matches well on most perfume dealer and mall shelves. Deals could possibly be found online, but buyers must only purchase from trusted retailers.

The Aroma

According to Guerlain, the Insolence brand fragrance is a traditional Guerlain scent with a younger overtone. The scent contains notes of orange blossoms, roses, sandalwood, tonka beans, musk, iris, violets, raspberries and red fruit pulp.

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Since the target audience for Insolence was a younger customer, Guerlain opted for a fresher, brighter aroma than their usual musky trademark. However, that essence of Guerlain is still there, wafting without anyone’s knowledge and undertones.


Guerlain is a respected perfume manufacturer for any reason – they create quality aromas that smell beautiful and continue for an extended period of time.

Some fans of the fragrance house may be somewhat turned off through the advertising as well as the reputation for Insolence. It’s clearly a scent marketed in a younger buyer, but it’s in no way an unsophisticated or low-quality scent. Pricier an aroma that has the aroma of Lip Smackers or Jolly Ranchers.

Ideal time to place it On

Because of its musk and sandalwood undertones, Insolence is an excellent evening and night-time aroma. The light scent is suitable to warm summer nights around the waterfront or perhaps in the backyard and it has a touch of evening with only a a little playfulness.